Friday, July 30, 2010

In the storm of things

Drove home from the country yesterday afternoon in the midst of a thunderstorm. It was marvelous!... for me... the TV news this morning is showing downed trees and fires from lightning strikes. It's been a long time since I've been able to drive in the rain... we haven't had any. At one point, the rain was so torrential I could hardly see to drive. I traveled Staples Mill Road in to Richmond City, apparently ahead of the lightning strike that caused the fire destroying the Dental Association building. There had been debris on the road from high wind... none that I was unable to pass over. The only time I completely 'lost video' was when I went through a large puddle and a huge plume of water arced over my windshield obscuring everything. It lasted only a few seconds... seemed like hours... long enough for a short prayer that I wouldn't hit, or be hit. by anything. I encountered a couple or three stoplights that weren't working... all busy intersections. The storm had moved ahead of me so the rain had decreased. Drivers were being cautious and courteous; one had a city police officer directing traffic. As I was motioned past her, I put my window down and said, "Thank you. Be safe." She looked at me and I hope she was able to hear enough of my words to know that they were not a curse. I arrived home safely and walked to my building sans umbrella, enjoying being pelted by raindrops.

I love being in a car during a storm. The only place I prefer during stormy weather is a porch, protected by the roof and surrounded by glass or screen... high and dry while Nature rages. Havens both for me... safe ones... so far.