Friday, November 27, 2009

Glorious Thanksgiving

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day I had. The weather where I am was sunny and shirt-sleeve mild and I got to be with some (not all) of my favorite people. Okay, so they're my family. I can't help it if they're the Best and Brightest. The rest of my B&B were off celebrating with more of my B&B. I feel like the pebble that's thrown in a pond... the rippling rings of extended family & friends keep moving out from me. If I can ever remember to buy the winning lottery ticket, I'll get them all together in one location.

So much to be thankful for this year. Family, old friends, new acquaintances. Serendipity, little graces, large blessings. Being in good shape for the shape I'm in.

And I finally figured out the real reason we eat turkey on Thanksgiving. It doesn't taste like chicken.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunshine, glorious sunshine

Three days of sunshine... glorious Fall days. Have been out and about, added some variety to my diet, been to the Garden, and spent time with people I love. And no more nightmares of being chased by a chicken with foul designs. Life is good.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Surrounded by people in shorts, running

Today is the Marathon. Fifteen thousand people running past my abode. Plus the support people handing out water and providing security. Secure is right... can't get my car out of the parking lot. Have been a shut-in for the last couple of days recouping from surgery. Need to get out and breathe fresh pollution. I neglected to stock up on diverse provisions for my stay-in. Luckily there are several restaurants withing walking distance, on my side of the street. 'Cause I gotta say, if I have to eat one more piece of chicken, I'll lay an egg!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cut and paste

Just heard on the news that the Vatican has joined the search for extra-terrestrial life... and if any is found, it will be considered a part of The Creation.

Went to a robotics competition this past Saturday to watch my grandson's team compete. The enthusiasm and imagination was rampant and all the competitors were having fun while trying to make their best showing. These kids are a small part of the generation that will dream and invent and improve our world. Each team also had to create a presentation on transportation and all showed questions about current systems and ideas for making improvements that would benefit the environment. My grandson's team was made up of kids of varying ages with varying experience with robotics and competition. Most of the other teams were same-grade age levels. Our team was somewhat disappointed with their point level, but the experience garnered at this year's competition will serve them well for next year.

Having a bit of out-patient surgery today. 'Nothing by mouth' after mid-night last night. Had hoped to sleep in this morning but was awake at 2am per usual. Have had to keep reminding myself to not make coffee. Waiting for 7am for a sip of water to take my morning meds. Oh, great... now I'm hungry.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hey, Kids... what time is it?

My body woke up at its usual time but the clocks suggested otherwise. It's now 4:11am (or 3:11am depending on my time or the clock's). Today is my youngest child's birthday. As usual, I didn't get a card in the mail to her. At least I'm consistent. I'll call later to remind her and say, "Happy Birthday."

I'm so glad I've lived long enough to reach a stage of thanksgiving for every moment... admittedly, some more pleasant than others. Looking back, I have to admit that most of the angst I experienced was self-induced. My life has actually been an easy one as compared to those of others who have had true tragedy to endure. I've been blessed with wonderful family, friends and experiences. I've met interesting people. And had just the right amount of adventure. All enough to inspire me to want to wake up each morning. If I'd had the wisdom to practice appreciation earlier in my life, I'd have had a lot less of that angst. The official Thanksgiving will be here soon but I celebrate it each day.

Every time I hear someone say, "What time is it," I automatically think, "Howdy Doody time!" (Showing my age here.) I've had a lifetime filled with Howdy Doodys and Mr. Blusters and Princesses Spring Summer Winter Fall, and Clara Bells. All my life I've had a pretty static picture of God in my mind, a result of my upbringing and the pictures in my old King James bible. But, every once in a while, I see Him differently. Right now, He looks like Buffalo Bob. I've lived my life in the Peanut Gallery!