Friday, October 29, 2010

Who's at the wheel?

Back in the late '50s when Science Fiction was becoming very popular, one of the predictions for 2000 was that we would all be in the air, 'driving' our flying cars. Not yet on the horizon, but driver-free cars with auto-pilots doing all the work are being tested right and left. Cars that park themselves are already being touted for sale.

Right now, the main rule of road law is that the driver is to be in control of the car at all times. With the new self-parking cars available and the driver-free cars being developed, insurance coverage and changes in the laws will become necessary.

I can see it now: " It's not my fault, Officer. I was asleep in the back seat".

Friday, October 15, 2010

When it's good, it's good; when it's bad, it's merely irriting

When it's good....

Since my diagnosis, I have been surrounded by angels in scrubs and white lab coats. All of my care-givers have been wonderful. Saw my oncologist yesterday. He showed me the results of the blood test and pointed out the cancer markers he watches. They look good. I'm still Chronic! Treated myself to lunch at one of my three favorite oriental eateries. Why the celebration? Well.. the next phase is Terminal.

My youngest grandson has always wanted a guinea pig. He was able to get one... a pretty all-gray. Finally decided on a name: Harry Plopper. (He doesn't go for the mundane when naming his pets.) His mother's reaction... "groan." Now he just has to find a name for his hermit crab.

There are two streets I avoid during the day here in Richmond, if possible: Broad Street and Midlothian Turnpike. Between drivers who think the rules of the road are for everyone else and those who insist on driving 10 miles below the speed limit, I have to use stress-reduction tactics to keep my blood pressure down. I don't ask for much. I don't want them to speed... but could they please just go the limit? And, how about loosing the attitude and driving defensively?
There is one street the gives me respite... West Cary. Drivers maintain the speed limit (mostly) and are courteous to other drivers, allowing cars to enter from side streets when possible to do so without backing up traffic too much behind them; slowing down a bit and waving through drivers waiting to make a turn across the lane onto a side street. And a high majority of drivers benefiting from this courtesy wave a hand of 'thanks.' For me, driving on West Cary is a wonderful respite from driver idiocy and personal stress.

Another driving note: my second-oldest granddaughter has acquired her learner's permit. She drove me a couple of weeks ago and did well. Note to drivers described in paragraph above: pay attention to the road laws when she's on the street. You don't want to get on my List (just ask my kids).

Fall weather is finally here and it's wonderful. Drove in the rain yesterday... for just the second time in several months. Yes, I know it was dreary, but we need the rain so much in our area, and the sun did come out eventually.

When it's bad....

My youngest granddaughter fell off the monkey bars at school and broke her right arm (both long bones). Naturally, she is right-handed. She was brave and has acted the Trooper through it all, only being sad that she can use only her left hand to color and paint. I suggested she practice slowly with her left hand and she might become ambidextrous. We were on the phone but I know I felt an eye-roll at some point. X-rays show that things are proceeding well and she should get her cast soon. I don't know what color she has decided to ask for.

I don't really follow the news much anymore, but the Primaries are coming up soon. I did happen to hear that one of the candidates said that this is an election where the 'the voters might actually make a difference." ???? Was this an admission that results don't really have anything to do with what the voters say when they go to the polls. And 'they' wonder why it's so hard to 'get out the vote.'

A suggestion... Re-institute the Draft. For convicted paedophiles. Why should we keep sending our best people into harm's way when there is such a plethora of the worst ones available? And none of this 'three strikes you're out.' First conviction, send them to Afghanistan. Armed with slingshots.