Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taking license

The Pendulum of Human Intelligence must be swinging through the Arc of Stupidity again. As reported on NBC recently, a woman has been cited for not having a license to perform day-care for children. Her offense? She has been watching some of her neighbors' children to see that they are safe until the school bus arrives. She receives no money for doing this.

Does this mean that a person who sits with a sick friend can be sited for not being a certified care-giver? Do you need an On-site Liquor License to serve wine and beer to dinner guests in your home?

I suggest that there be a License to Commit Stupidity. No exceptions. Everyone would have to have a license or else pay a fee for being unlicensed (just like paying a fee to the state for being an uninsured driver). Taken to the national level, fees and fines alone could solve the deficit problem.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Soup's on

Friday had been overcast with spits of rain and a damp chill in the air... perfect weather to make the first pot of hearty soup of the season. Yum. I love soup and can't seem to make less than a large pot, so I'm still enjoying the beef & vegetables of my labor. I'll probably finish it off today. This time, I used Julia's advice and blotted the beef dry before browning; it made a big difference for the better in the taste of the soup. From now on, I'm a committed blotter-er. Hey... I wonder if it works for steaks and chops, too. (Ya think?)

Sunday (yesterday) turned out to warm (in the 80s) and it's supposed to be warm again today, but Fall will finally settle in soon. Heck, there may even be a chill in the air for Halloween this year. Haven't decided on my costume, or if it's even worth going to the trouble... I manage to scare enough people in my natural state.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bon jour!

I finally got to see "Julie and Julia" this past weekend. What a wonderful film. The acting was superb and the casting enlightened. I felt that no other actors would have been right in each role. (I used to work with a woman who could 'do' Julia perfectly... she left me gasping with laughter each time.) Julia Child was unique in every sense of the word and I'm so glad that this delightful film was made of the book. I could almost taste the food every time one of the characters said "Yummm."

Even Julia's recipes couldn't convince me to prepare, let alone taste, every thing she cooked and printed a recipe for in her book... I have a semi-educated palate. But I realized that I have neglected using her book to prepare food... something I plan to remedy.

The book and film are purportedly about Julia and her blogger learning to cook, but it really is a love story... the love and romance between a man & woman and the love of food. Okay... so I'm a closet Romantic... I admit it... and I've added "Julie and Julia" to my list of favorite romantic movies. I wonder if it will be on DVD in time for Christmas?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

To oink or not to oink... that is the question.

Days and days of beautiful weather lately, interspersed with needed mist and rain. Spent several days in the mountains last week highlighted by perfect weather the whole trip. Hot and muggy yesterday during the day; then walked out the door in the early evening and the humidity had disappeared.

Received a call Thursday informing me that I might have been exposed to the Swine... oops!... H1N1 flu. When my doctor's office returned my call, I was told that I should not have a problem... just one question: how was it determined to be H1N1? When the cases of flu created headlines this past Spring, we were told that, given the number of confirmed cases and the cost & time needed to verify, all new cases of flu at that time would be assumed to be H1N1. Does this mean that the pandemic we have been warned to expect will be backed up by the number of real (test verified) as well as the assumed cases? An assumed pandemic?

As for me, I'm fit as a fiddle, fine as frog fur, snug as a bug in a rug, comfortably well off, high as a kite (on life!, on life!), doing great, and all is well with the world. Assuming, that is, that facts don't prove me otherwise.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feelin' the burn

Got myself a farmer's tan last weekend. A local county airport had an air show and I spent a large part of the day there, standing in the sun... something I normally avoid. One of my granddaughters has joined a youth auxiliary attached to the county rescue squad. She'll be learning rescue techniques and discovering if this is a venture she'd like to pursue. The squad was on-call at the airport and the auxiliary had a booth, selling bottles of water and taking contributions to support their activities. My granddaughter had to be at the squad headquarters at 9am. I took her so her mother could come later with the rest of the family, including two visiting cousins. The day was perfect for the show. Tickets were sold for rides on a WWll-era bi-plane, a small helicopter and a Cessna. I got my grandson a ticket for a ride in the Cessna, an early birthday present. He'd never flown before and the ride would last 15-20 minutes, giving him a good taste of flying. His younger brother and cousins flew in the helicopter, a short lift-off, circling, and landing flight. All of the fledglings enjoyed their first experience in flight. I got the burn while standing in line, waiting for their take-offs and landings. It hasn't been that painful... except when I forget and scratch.

All my grandchildren are now in school, learning their ABCs, guzzintas, and all kinds of history, science and math that didn't exist and hadn't happened or been discovered when I was in school. It's a good thing that children are smarter these days... they have a lot to learn. I had watched and read some of the foo-fa-rah about President Obama's planned speech to school children this week. Some schools opted out of allowing pupils to watch the speech. Some lawmakers and political pols claimed he was going to use the speech to garner votes for his agenda. One clip showed a woman saying she didn't want any of that socialistic talk stuffed down her children's throat. Take responsibility for your education and study... wonder how many of the children's votes that cost him. Sometimes I think I missed the announcement of a new directive: Go forth and be stupid. Fortunately, I just have to remember my genius grandchildren and their friends to counter my angst.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Regardless of what the calendar says, Fall is here

Nope. Couldn't do it. Was going to wear my white slacks yesterday, but it just didn't feel right... even though the unofficial 'official' end of Summer is Labor Day. I know Fall isn't officially here yet, but for some reason, it feels like Fall to me. The sunlight looks different. The temperature here went down into the 60s night before last, and never reached 80 yesterday. It was a beautiful, perfect day. Suddenly, the pinks, yellows, and light blues in my wardrobe look too summery to wear. Feels like time to wash and pack up the hot weather clothes and unpack and freshen the cool weather togs. Feels like it's time to take the pink & white quilt off the bed and put the warm throw in its place. Now that September 1st has come and gone, we're on the slippery slope to the end of the year.

My mind has turned again to my home town... not the one I was born in, but the one in which I spent most of my 'growing-up' years. I've only visited it once since leaving and that was almost 30 years ago. I want to make a stealth visit: drive the streets, find sites I remember, see the inevitable changes that have taken place. I want to slip in and out without making my presence known to anyone. (As I haven't kept up with old acquaintances and don't know which of them still live there, this should be the easiest part of the trip.) I've often thought of re-visiting it over the years... this time I just might make it.

One of my granddaughters has a birthday today. She got a shiny new bike. I used to feel older when any of my children or grandchildren had a birthday. Then I realized, I'm not getting older... they're just catching up to me.