Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bon jour!

I finally got to see "Julie and Julia" this past weekend. What a wonderful film. The acting was superb and the casting enlightened. I felt that no other actors would have been right in each role. (I used to work with a woman who could 'do' Julia perfectly... she left me gasping with laughter each time.) Julia Child was unique in every sense of the word and I'm so glad that this delightful film was made of the book. I could almost taste the food every time one of the characters said "Yummm."

Even Julia's recipes couldn't convince me to prepare, let alone taste, every thing she cooked and printed a recipe for in her book... I have a semi-educated palate. But I realized that I have neglected using her book to prepare food... something I plan to remedy.

The book and film are purportedly about Julia and her blogger learning to cook, but it really is a love story... the love and romance between a man & woman and the love of food. Okay... so I'm a closet Romantic... I admit it... and I've added "Julie and Julia" to my list of favorite romantic movies. I wonder if it will be on DVD in time for Christmas?

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