Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taking license

The Pendulum of Human Intelligence must be swinging through the Arc of Stupidity again. As reported on NBC recently, a woman has been cited for not having a license to perform day-care for children. Her offense? She has been watching some of her neighbors' children to see that they are safe until the school bus arrives. She receives no money for doing this.

Does this mean that a person who sits with a sick friend can be sited for not being a certified care-giver? Do you need an On-site Liquor License to serve wine and beer to dinner guests in your home?

I suggest that there be a License to Commit Stupidity. No exceptions. Everyone would have to have a license or else pay a fee for being unlicensed (just like paying a fee to the state for being an uninsured driver). Taken to the national level, fees and fines alone could solve the deficit problem.

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