Monday, September 28, 2009

Soup's on

Friday had been overcast with spits of rain and a damp chill in the air... perfect weather to make the first pot of hearty soup of the season. Yum. I love soup and can't seem to make less than a large pot, so I'm still enjoying the beef & vegetables of my labor. I'll probably finish it off today. This time, I used Julia's advice and blotted the beef dry before browning; it made a big difference for the better in the taste of the soup. From now on, I'm a committed blotter-er. Hey... I wonder if it works for steaks and chops, too. (Ya think?)

Sunday (yesterday) turned out to warm (in the 80s) and it's supposed to be warm again today, but Fall will finally settle in soon. Heck, there may even be a chill in the air for Halloween this year. Haven't decided on my costume, or if it's even worth going to the trouble... I manage to scare enough people in my natural state.

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