Saturday, April 21, 2012

New season, new experiences

Realized it has been over a month since my last post... life and time flying by. The biggest change for me has been in my mobility. Muscle weakness has effected my ability to stand for more than short periods at a time; walking is now a short-distance-only exercise... no more roaming the malls for me. All of which has led to my obtaining a cane to help prevent crumpling to the floor. I was given a Rollator (the walker with a seat) by a dear lady. It is solidly built and unfortunately I'm too weak to heave it into and out of my car... thus I use the cane for excursions outside my building. I've also made use of the wheelchairs that some stores provide for customers. In the past when I was tired, I had sometimes looked longingly at the electric carts available in some stores. I now have a legitimate reason to use them. (Be careful what you wish for.) I'm thinking of getting an Oooga horn to move people out of my way.

Mini-rant alert...
I have gotten so I hate most grocery stores. The one I had shopped at most has become an irritant as they don't place items where I think they should be located. That's assuming, of course, that they haven't stopped carrying the items I'm looking for. Then there's that matter of shrinking portions. I purchased two small portions of my favorite side item... 'small' being the operative word. While I was eating one of them I realized that the container was very shallow. The portion is at least one-quarter to one-third smaller than it was a little over a month ago. Of course the price is the same. Grrrr. Went shopping the other day at another grocery store and every item on my list except for two were on the top shelf. Double-Grrrr.

A pretty good, very nice day...
The weather today was pleasant. I felt a little stronger. I had stopped by a grocery store to make a last-minute purchase before heading to visit a friend. When I returned to my car, a younger woman said, "Excuse me. I'm parked in that car (indicating the car past the one next to me... uphill of mine on the inclined lot)." At this point I thought she was going to ask for money. Instead, she told me that while she was loading her groceries into her car, the cart had gotten away from her and had hit the front of my car... would I please check it for damage. It took me a moment but I finally noticed that the license plate had a raised crease in the side. I told her not to worry about it... easily fixable. It took her a moment or so to realize that I wasn't going to throw a hissy fit and she wasn't going to have to make a claim against her insurance. She apologized again a couple of times then returned to her car with an obvious sense of relief. I spent the rest of the day with a warm glow... glad that I could relieve her concern and pleasantly surprised that she had waited for me to return to my car so she could tell me about it. My warm feeling went splat later in the evening when I realized I had forgotten to thank her for telling me. (Sigh.) Lord knows I try, I really do.

My day continued with my visit to my friend's home. We sat in her backyard garden, chatted, drank tea and coffee, and munched on goodies. She and her husband had been trimming some of their small trees and I told her husband that if he found a nice sturdy cutting, he could make a walking stick for me. I am now the proud possessor of a sassafras limb cut to my size and already tried and proved. My friend's garden is lovely. I have told her that I'm going to haunt her garden. If sometime in the future she sees a bluish-white specter floating amidst her flora during the night, not to worry, it'll just be me.

Gee, my family is getting old...
My youngest granddaughter will be celebrating her 8th birthday this coming Monday. Her oldest sister (also my oldest granddaughter) is working, taking college classes, and planning her wedding.

I'm still getting a giggle out of this one...
I attended the Maundy Thursday service at my friend's church. They were having a short service including dinner and Communion. This is a denomination that uses real wine for Communion and serves it with their meals. When they started to open the wine, they realized that they had no corkscrew. My friend was preparing to go to her home two blocks away to get one when I remembered that I had a Swiss-type knife, with corkscrew included, in the console of my car... it's been in there for years. I'm surprised I remembered it. She retrieved it from my car and the service and dinner progressed as planned.

I was raised in a denomination that uses grape juice for 'The Lord's Supper.' When I was young, I was convinced that the ladies who purchased the juice did their best to get the sourest juice they could find. You know the kind... makes your throat clench when you take your sip. And I was the one who saved the day.
My friend told me today that one of the men at the service said, "She has a corkscrew in her car?" Tee-hee.