Thursday, September 29, 2011


As if I needed anything else. And the change in seasons just makes it worse. The definition of wanderlust includes 'a great desire to travel or rove.' I always have a low grade urge for road trips any way, and train riding is my preferred mode. I finished reading The Christmas Train by David Baldacci last week and that tipped me over the edge. I've ridden on a train 3 times and each trip was a pleasure, if only for the large amount of personal space at my seat (I actually had room to lower the back of my seat), the ability to walk the aisles and from car to car. The spacious bathroom (compared to ones on a plane). (If you happen to look down into the toilet seat, you see the rail bed. But, I digress.) Amtrak has been loosing money with less provided by Congress, and low ridership. I've often wondered why people abide the continuing restrictions of air travel when they could enjoy the freedom of rail travel. Yes, I understand the need to fly for business or emergency purposes. But all it takes to use the train is a little planning ahead. And the prices are certainly comparative. Not to mention how much easier the journey is when traveling with children. Sometimes a child can ride free with an adult. Savings! Cha-ching. Parents should see how much easier it would be to travel with their children... ya know how much plane travelers just love having children on their trip. Check out the Amtrak cite for all they have to offer. Again, digressing. The only destination I have in mind is to somewhere in Colorado to see the night sky. I basically just want to take a long train ride. Hmmm... may just have to check out some day trips.

A new plane, the Dreamliner, has been announced. I caught a man commenting about some of the customer improvements. He said they are proud of the new blue color of the interior walls, a serene color, meant to lessen rider stress. And the windows are bigger. He wondered how much of an impression this would make on travelers as they will still be sitting in a seat with 16 inches of space. How's that sound to you?

I wonder if sardines are impressed by the gold-colored walls as they are sealed into their can.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It takes a woman

Earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods, droughts... need I go on? I don't think there is a continent that isn't experiencing some kind of weather disaster. Just here in Virginia, it's still rocking and rolling in and around Mineral, the epicenter of our earthquake, which, by the way. reached out and touched more than 20 states. Hurricane Irene came by to visit, dumping rain, flooding even some high ground, and bringing wind that downed trees, broke electrical poles, and generally threw around anything and everything she could get to. And even she couldn't douse the swamp fire... although she did blow the smoke up for the rest of us to enjoy before she got here. Texas is still, I think, the driest place on our continent. The hurricane that came up into the Gulf of Mexico hardly made a dent in the southeast edge of it. Irene went on north and created havoc for northeastern states.

Yes, Mother Nature has been flexing her muscles... letting everyone know that regardless what we think, she is in charge. She must have decided to take a short break... she let a utility man with his handy-dandy wire cutters have at it, leaving millions in San Diego and beyond in the dark.

I don't know about you, but all I have to say is... Enough, already!