Thursday, March 24, 2011

So little time, so much to enjoy (with apology attached)

Decided to try a new font size... Nope, too big.
Unh-uh, too small.
 Looks like Normal is just right. A new experience for me... I'm not used to being 'normal.' 

Spring has sprung! 
  The grass is riz! I love Springtime in Virginia. The Garden is coming alive and new plantings are being put in. It's always a joy for me to be in the Garden but so wonderful to have the sun shining on new shoots and blossoms.
  The weather man says that a region north of my area may get snow this weekend. Winter's still trying. The past year has been interesting weather-wise. Looks like that may continue.

Dicing maraschino cherries at 2a.m.
   I did it again... fell asleep in the lounge chair and woke up at 12:15a.m. Went to bed and tried to fall asleep but it didn't take. So... I'd planned to do some baking when I got up anyway, so figured I might as well use the time productively. Got busy dicing cherries for the cake and bars I'm going to bake later this morning. Even remembered to take out the butter so it could soften. Aren't I just the organized one. I won't ask what you'd do at 2.m. I've learned not to ask a question unless I reeeely want to know the answer.

My friends and family continue to comfort, surprise and delight me.
   Friends and family members continue to come forward to support me with just the things I need when I need them. Hugs, chuckles, and more. I am so blessed.
  Had all of my children and grans together last weekend for a delayed Holiday gift exchange and to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for the months January-March. Such fun! All of the grans except for the two youngest have surpassed me in height. It's not that much of an accomplishment as I am vertically-challenged... but such a ping to my system to see how they are growing and getting older. AND I've told them that I'm not old enough to have children and grans their age... they'll just have to tell everyone that they adopted me.

Learned yesterday that Elizabeth Taylor had died.
  Early in my marriage to her son, my mother-in-law told that I looked like Elizabeth Taylor. (Well, in a way I did.) I couldn't decide whether she was complimenting or mocking me. We won't go there. Ms. Taylor lived an interesting life. She helped many people and certainly confounded just as many. She'll be missed by all... except, of course, the ones (longevity-challenged, most of them) who say, "Liz who?"

Oh, the apology...
  When I logged on to do this post, there was a note that a Spam blocker had been put on the Comments and I should periodically check the Spam section. They waited this long to let me know? Couldn't be that I didn't notice the notice, right?  I hadn't thought anyone had made comments and I find ones posted as far back as January 2010! Thus... my apologies to all who are reading my posts. I wasn't ignoring you... I didn't know you existed. I'll try to remember in the future to check more often for comments. I have only 3 'followers' and didn't think anyone else was reading me. I'm so excited! Thank you for taking the time to read my bits.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The gods were cutting it close this time

Nowadays, I operate on an 'only get it if I really want/need it' philosophy. I'm trying to downsize my belongings, so I've stopped going into stores that have pretty things that I'd like to get but definitely don't need. For the rest, if I see something and I'm not 100% sure it's a 'must have,' I wait until the next time... if I've thought about it and it's still there, then I get it. This past week I had visual proof that I wasn't supposed to have it.

I had been in one of my favorite thrift stores a couple weeks ago (Thrift For Life, proceeds to the Massey Cancer Center) and had seen a handbag I considered getting. I was only 90% sure so I didn't get it that day. I had occasion to go to the store again this past Wednesday and decided I'd get the bag if it was still there. I followed a woman into the store. She walked straight to the bag display, picked up the bag, looked inside, and went to the counter to pay for it. In my mind I could hear her gods telling her "Hurry! She's right behind you! Get it!" My gods were saying "Nah nanny boo boo."