Friday, March 4, 2011

The gods were cutting it close this time

Nowadays, I operate on an 'only get it if I really want/need it' philosophy. I'm trying to downsize my belongings, so I've stopped going into stores that have pretty things that I'd like to get but definitely don't need. For the rest, if I see something and I'm not 100% sure it's a 'must have,' I wait until the next time... if I've thought about it and it's still there, then I get it. This past week I had visual proof that I wasn't supposed to have it.

I had been in one of my favorite thrift stores a couple weeks ago (Thrift For Life, proceeds to the Massey Cancer Center) and had seen a handbag I considered getting. I was only 90% sure so I didn't get it that day. I had occasion to go to the store again this past Wednesday and decided I'd get the bag if it was still there. I followed a woman into the store. She walked straight to the bag display, picked up the bag, looked inside, and went to the counter to pay for it. In my mind I could hear her gods telling her "Hurry! She's right behind you! Get it!" My gods were saying "Nah nanny boo boo."

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