Thursday, May 19, 2011


Things got noisier at my place this past weekend. When I brought Bailey home, I also brought his first toy... a small, slightly bone-shaped dog that had a squeaker inside. It soon was named 'Buddy' and turned out to be his favorite play toy. He loved when I would make it squeak. This past weekend, he discovered that he could make it squeak. It has not been far from his side since. Sometimes he just lies with it in his mouth, squeaking away. Other times, he'll carry it into the other room... not to play with... just to make sure it is near. At least once a day, I'll feel something on my foot or nudging my ankle and there will be Bailey with Buddy, quietly asking me to play his favorite game... Tug-of-War-Skweek-and-Toss. When he tires of chasing and returning Buddy, he'll veer off in another direction, lie down and just squeak awhile. Such joy from a simple thing.

I can't blame all the noise this past weekend on Bailey and Buddy. Saturday, I went to the farm market set up near my place and found (Oh, joy!) French breakfast radishes. Yumm! I brought home two small bunches and proceeded to eat all of them later in the afternoon. (burp)