Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wunsa pona time....

I've often wondered if children are still able to use their imaginations or if the instant availability of videos for practically every topic has stunted their ability to 'see' things in their own minds. My youngest granddaughter's teacher has been giving each of her students a paper with an open frame at the top and lines filling the rest of the page. In the frame is a squiggle or mark of some kind. The kids are told to make a picture out of the mark and to write a story about it on the lines. The mark on this page was a large 'V' and my granddaughter made it into mountains and added a house and "...a mom with two girls. One liked to ice skate and one liked to fit tornatos." I'm so glad to find that using their imagination is still being encouraged in schools, at least in this class.

I have to say that my daughters and daughter-in-law seem to get more done in a day than I remember accomplishing in a week when I was their age. I don't remember ever having that much energy. They constantly amaze me.

Bailey and I are having an on-going discussion regarding the ownership and location of my bath mat. I do have to admit that he gets way more enjoyment out of lying, rolling and chewing on it than I ever have from just standing on it. I can't decide if he's a pack rat or a hoarder. He likes to put all of his acquisitions in a pile and chew on each one, just so it knows who's boss. I can see it now... "Canine Hoarders"... coming to your TV screen soon.

Monday, April 11, 2011


A friend recently encouraged me to post more often so you can blame this mini-rant on her.

The following was a 'headline' this morning on one of the news sites I scan every day. (I've been thinking of changing sites but, after checking out a few of the others, I realized that I might as well save the effort.):

          How Magical is Helen Mirren's Bosom?

This is news? Sometimes I see something like this and it makes me feel like heading for the oven, turning on the gas, and sticking in my head. I try to not be judgmental, but really! No, I don't consider myself smart or intelligent, but I do like to consider myself part of the discerning contingent. I know I'm a dinosaur, living out my Twinkle-Light Years so my opinion is not important. It's just that every once in a while, I'm caught off guard and it takes me a moment to regroup.

Note: I tried to add a link to the Twinkle-Light Years post but couldn't get it to work. If you are interested in reading it, you'll have to 'search' my blog. Sorry 'bout that.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

On the road

While traveling I-64 a couple of weeks ago I came upon a model of car I hadn't seen before. At first it looked like a large egg; then I realized it looked more like a very large canned ham on wheels. It was a pretty sparkle-ly blue with (imitation) chrome accents. I soon got close enough to see the name on it... Snort. Snort? Surly they didn't name a car Snort. Finally got my eyes coordinated and saw that it was actually a Smart car. I've heard of those... ecologically good and cute besides, and small. I do have one problem with it. These cars are made of plastic (weight reduction for gas savings). BUT semis and dump trucks are still made of metal. Heavy metal. No contest in a close encounter. When they start making the big guys out of plastic too, I'll think about getting a Smart car.

Further down the road, something hit my car. I looked to see if the windshield was cracked... nope. And no cars or trucks anywhere near me... nothing to have flung a missile at my car. Then I saw some things fly into the road in front of me. It was a blustery, gusty day and the trees were lobbing pine cones at the highway! Mother Nature's way of saying we can pave all we want to but she'll have the last word?

I imagine it's this way in most large city/urban areas... travel a street far enough and the name has changed a few times. My personal road became 'Rt. C' almost five years ago. It started out rough, rutted and unpaved, but with the grace of wonderful care-givers, family, friends and newly available medications, it became a much smoother ride. Some large new potholes have appeared but I'm confident that they'll be filled as before.

I've gotten a new back-seat rider to travel with me... a 7-1/2lb, 5-month-old bundle of cuteness who I've named Bailey. He is a Shitz Tzu and a wonderful traveler. He does get a workout at home. He feels he has to keep me in sight at all times, so every time I move between rooms, he follows. If I am doing anything that doesn't involve giving him food or treats, he sits, patiently waiting for me to wander again.

I was talking with my daughter last week and she began to apologize for not calling more often. She said she hoped good intentions counted. I told her I understood and appreciated the thoughts. All my life I've heard that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. At this point, I have constructed a six-lane freeway. But I'm not alone. I mentioned to my brother that I have been meaning to call our Uncle Marvin in Missouri since January 1st! He said it has been a while since he'd spoken with him too... let him know what Uncle Marvin had to say.

I've signed up on a couple of sites that offer price reductions for various things... food, lodging, services, etc. Got an email the other day from one of them offering a half-price deal on a Brazilian Wax. Not a road I'll be taking.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Seeing myself as others see me

Saw two photos of myself on another blog this morning. They were taken by a professional photographer... a very good photographer. The photos are un-posed and un-retouched. They show my sagging cheeks and jowls... the folds in my face and neck. I blame it on the fact that I've lost weight and fat no longer provides filler (obviously no Botox or filler injections for me). I didn't realize I had so many folds and crinkles in my skin. They certainly don't show up in my bathroom mirror. Just goes to prove what I've always said.... "I'm much more attractive than I appear."