Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wunsa pona time....

I've often wondered if children are still able to use their imaginations or if the instant availability of videos for practically every topic has stunted their ability to 'see' things in their own minds. My youngest granddaughter's teacher has been giving each of her students a paper with an open frame at the top and lines filling the rest of the page. In the frame is a squiggle or mark of some kind. The kids are told to make a picture out of the mark and to write a story about it on the lines. The mark on this page was a large 'V' and my granddaughter made it into mountains and added a house and "...a mom with two girls. One liked to ice skate and one liked to fit tornatos." I'm so glad to find that using their imagination is still being encouraged in schools, at least in this class.

I have to say that my daughters and daughter-in-law seem to get more done in a day than I remember accomplishing in a week when I was their age. I don't remember ever having that much energy. They constantly amaze me.

Bailey and I are having an on-going discussion regarding the ownership and location of my bath mat. I do have to admit that he gets way more enjoyment out of lying, rolling and chewing on it than I ever have from just standing on it. I can't decide if he's a pack rat or a hoarder. He likes to put all of his acquisitions in a pile and chew on each one, just so it knows who's boss. I can see it now... "Canine Hoarders"... coming to your TV screen soon.

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