Thursday, August 12, 2010


I hope the people who fussed about the cold weather this past winter are happy.

My daughter and her husband, who have been looking at rental property ads, found a listing for what sounded like the perfect place... plenty of room for their family and lifestyle. The landlord would not show them the property. He had no problem with the the fact that they have four large dogs... just couldn't handle the fact that they have four children.

My car's A/C has been cutting out on me again this summer... doesn't stop running... just stops blowing cold air. Took it in for service a couple of days ago. The mechanic "could not simulate the customer's concern." It ran perfectly... by the time he gave up, it was practically spitting out ice cubes. Of course, It has stopped working for me every day since. The mechanic told me to run it by the shop the next time it happened, no appointment needed. He understands... cars know when your are taking them in to be repaired.

Several times in the past few months, I've found half of a pistachio shell in the bottom of my purse... just the one. I haven't been eating shelled pistachios... have a hard time opening them due to the neuropathy in my fingers. But there they've been... just the one half shell. In the Ann Landers column, I've read of people finding a single penny soon after the death of a loved one; a sign, they believe, of love and concern from their dearly departed. They get pennies. I get pistachio shells. Who? Why?...