Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ending and beginning with new and familiar experiences

The day before yesterday was the last day of my former age. I spent the most fun part of it with a dear friend. We went to Crosswords on Forest Hill Avenue for brunch. We had been there a couple of times before and enjoyed their coffee, muffins, and scones. This time, we indulged in loaded sesame bagels. An indulgence they were, too... each half of the grilled bagel loaded with a pile of lox, cream cheese, sliced red onions, capers, and a thick slice of tomato. My friend looked closely at her plate and said, "They used real tomatoes!" So they did. I admitted to her that I had never had lox before. Our brunch was wonderful. The only thing that detracted was the plastic forks and knives that were provided... not really up to sawing through a grilled bagel. Spending time cutting through the bagels with those knives did lengthen our time together, but we agreed we'd carry our own metal flatware the next time for a repeat indulgence.And there will be a next time.

The high point yesterday, my birthday, was having lunch with a couple of dear friends at a favorite restaurant. I love those women. We talked and visited while we ate... covering a plethora of subjects dear to our hearts. We didn't solve any of the world's problems, but why should we have to do all the work? Health issues did come up, but we decided that at least we were falling apart together. Our waitress must have overheard my birthday mentioned. She arranged with her manager to provide me with a free dessert as a treat. My choice... Black Tie Mousse Cake with three spoons. Yum! What a great way to start a new year... good friends and lots of dark chocolate.

Continuing my birthday celebrating, I'll be having dinner with family tomorrow night. Notice a theme here?

 I had a new battery put in my watch yesterday. Had stopped wearing it over a year ago... why did I need a watch. Re-thought that proposition. Sometimes, while away from clocks at home, I did need to know what time it was. And since I don't have my cell phone clutched in my hand 24/7, the watch it is.

Several weeks ago, my oldest daughter had me read a new book. She took her daughters to a bookstore and told them that they could pick out four books to donate. It was one of the books they chose. It's a "children's" book, pictures with a few words. Hilarious words. Takes about five minutes to read. I have been tee-heeing and haw-hawing to myself since reading it. It is It's a Book by Lane Smith. Went to a bookstore and bought a copy for myself. I showed it to some friends who loved it. One of them asked me how much it cost. I told her what I had paid for it... that she could order it on-line. She said, "Why don't you just down-load it?" No, no, no, no!
It's a book.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank you, Mother Nature

The weather the past two days have been pure heaven for me; the kind I hope and pray for... temps in the high-70s-low-80s and low humidity. Today is supposed to be the same. The weather man just called it a bonus day. Change on the way tomorrow. This kind of weather elates me... makes me want, need, to be outside. Some family members are headed to King's Dominion today and I'm thrilled they'll have this day to enjoy. This weather is good for Bailey, too, as he hasn't had his Summer hair cut yet.. (His appointment is in a couple of weeks... harder to get one for him than for me.)  He used to enjoy being outside... doing his business, rolling in the grass, checking out the p-notes left by other dogs, known and unknown. Nowadays, he hardly takes time for anything except leaving p-notes himself... he's so anxious to get back inside to the ladies (and some men) who make so much over him. I should have such a fan club.

My brother is home this week, recuperating from a medical procedure. Thanks to his wife, Mom Nature and the medical staff he is spending time getting back to 'normal.' He broke, albeit unintentionally, one of the rules... baby brothers aren't supposed to need stents.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back to 'just us' (sigh)

I realize I do a lot of sighing throughout this post... please bear with me.

Re-entry into the normal every-day routine is hard... especially when the time-out has been so great. Bailey and I spent 5 days with a wonderful group of people and pets in a wonderful place. My son-in-law's sister had invited the family down to her place for the Memorial Day weekend, and let me join in the fun. I've never seen such well-thought-out planning for a siege (all-be-it a friendly one). Eighteen humans and 3 dogs under one roof with deck attached. The deck being the place I spent most of my time. The company was engaging and the food toothsome. Then we returned home. Home, home, home. Yes! After we took a nap, we both had the same reaction... no more Murphy and Belle to play with... no more humans to pet us and tell us how cute we are... no more stimulating conversation... no more delicious smells and tastes... no more dinners at the PIT... no more brisket in the smoker. No more bets on how long it will take for a piece of ice to melt on the deck floor. (We never found out... one of the dogs ate it.) Just us...  home again. We're getting back into our usual grooves. I actually (finally) did some laundry yesterday... it was a matter of needing to be decently dressed to go out in public. As the weather is supposed to good today, we're going to the Daily Grind this morning to spend some time with another delightful group of people. Bailey will get pats and strokes and I'll get coffee and conversation. Sigh... the usual routine isn't so lacking after all.

Didn't watch a TV or listen to radio news the whole time we were gone. Assumed the earth hadn't been blown up... I figured we'd get a clue if so. Have resumed watching sporadically... enough to know that the trials, tribulations, and silliness continue. Sigh.

 Heard yesterday that James Arness has died. With his boots on, I'm sure. During my formative years, Rev. Venoy B. Skinner, Harry S. Truman, Sgt. Joe Friday, and Matt Dillon were the examples for me of what men should be. They were, and remain, my heroes. Although I have a number of males in my life who come very, very, very close, there will never be another Matt Dillon. Sigh.