Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank you, Mother Nature

The weather the past two days have been pure heaven for me; the kind I hope and pray for... temps in the high-70s-low-80s and low humidity. Today is supposed to be the same. The weather man just called it a bonus day. Change on the way tomorrow. This kind of weather elates me... makes me want, need, to be outside. Some family members are headed to King's Dominion today and I'm thrilled they'll have this day to enjoy. This weather is good for Bailey, too, as he hasn't had his Summer hair cut yet.. (His appointment is in a couple of weeks... harder to get one for him than for me.)  He used to enjoy being outside... doing his business, rolling in the grass, checking out the p-notes left by other dogs, known and unknown. Nowadays, he hardly takes time for anything except leaving p-notes himself... he's so anxious to get back inside to the ladies (and some men) who make so much over him. I should have such a fan club.

My brother is home this week, recuperating from a medical procedure. Thanks to his wife, Mom Nature and the medical staff he is spending time getting back to 'normal.' He broke, albeit unintentionally, one of the rules... baby brothers aren't supposed to need stents.

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