Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cut and paste

Just heard on the news that the Vatican has joined the search for extra-terrestrial life... and if any is found, it will be considered a part of The Creation.

Went to a robotics competition this past Saturday to watch my grandson's team compete. The enthusiasm and imagination was rampant and all the competitors were having fun while trying to make their best showing. These kids are a small part of the generation that will dream and invent and improve our world. Each team also had to create a presentation on transportation and all showed questions about current systems and ideas for making improvements that would benefit the environment. My grandson's team was made up of kids of varying ages with varying experience with robotics and competition. Most of the other teams were same-grade age levels. Our team was somewhat disappointed with their point level, but the experience garnered at this year's competition will serve them well for next year.

Having a bit of out-patient surgery today. 'Nothing by mouth' after mid-night last night. Had hoped to sleep in this morning but was awake at 2am per usual. Have had to keep reminding myself to not make coffee. Waiting for 7am for a sip of water to take my morning meds. Oh, great... now I'm hungry.

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