Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa, Baby, always visits early

Let's get this out of the way first thing... I believe in Santa Claus. (And, yes, I'm wa-a-a-y past the age of consent.) Santa has always come through for me. About fifteen years ago, I had an epiphany when I recognized for the fist time that Santa was responsible for a present that only he could provide. It's been a game for me every year since to wait, watch, and see if I recognize his gift. I start watching about three weeks before Christmas as the gifts have always arrived sometime within that time frame. (My theory is that he visits the adults early so as to leave Christmas Eve clear for the children.) Suspend your disbelief and think back. I bet you will be able to identify your Santa gift.

We had snow last Friday. Lots of snow... more than we were expecting here where I live. The weather people had said we'd get about 5" and that would be tamped down when it changed to rain. I watched the first 5 in comfort. Slept through the rest. Snow doesn't appear as deep when looked at from above. Had plans to do lunch with a friend on Monday. Went to the first floor and realized that clearing the car would be a little more involved than I had thought. Knowing I wouldn't feel like socializing (ditto for the doctor appointment on Tuesday morning) after taking care of snow-removal, I rescheduled the lunch date and headed out, giant combination-scraper-brush in hand. Contrary to the amount I had told my daughters about, I measured and there was only 12" of snow on my car. In this case, size didn't matter... it seemed like 2' while I was getting it off the car. No shovel to clear a path from the parking spot through the ridge of snow that had frozen in front of the car, created when the trusty maintenance crew cleared a lane for entering and exiting the parking area.

At 10am Tuesday morning, I set out for my appointed rounds. Made it over the frozen ridge and out of the lot. The city and state snow-removal dudes had done a great job, making my trek an easy one. Got gas, went to the doctor's office, went to the Garden (beautiful with the snow!), ran a couple of errands, made a short visit to a friend's house to see her tree and give gifts for her and her family. I returned home about 8pm. 'My" parking spot was open! Had another appointment at the doctor's for a treatment Wednesday morning. Got home about 2pm. The spot was open! As today is Christmas Eve, I expect the time frame for this gift may have expired, but I'll find out tomorrow, Christmas Day, after spending time with family. Santa is nothing if not a class act and one more day, THE day, may be included.

Eartha, I know you're waiting for Santa, Baby to put your gifts under the tree, but eat your heart out... he's already been to see me.

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