Friday, January 8, 2010

Finishing the old year and staring the new

Went to spend New Year's Eve with my oldest daughter and her family. The kids enjoyed staying up 'til midnight, eating snacks and then putting on hats and blowing on horns to greet the new year. It was easy to get the youngest to go to bed. The male teen retreated to his room (man cave) and probably stayed up using his computer. The 10-year-old wanted to stay up longer but didn't really fight for it.... just didn't want to admit being tired and sleepy. The sky was overcast so didn't get to see the Blue Moon. Lots of wind. Brutally cold for us, but grateful not to have the weather that people are struggling with farther north.

The rest of my children and their families joined us on the 2nd for a get-together. Had my three children and nine of my ten grandchildren there. The oldest was sick. We missed her. At some point, after we had started eating but before the gift swapping game, the adults noticed that it was eerily quiet in the next room... the one with all the kids. Peeking around the corner, we saw every one of them hunched over their personal electronics, stylus and thumbs flying over tiny screens and keypads. Not a sound from any of them. Must admit, we grownups enjoyed visiting during the quiet spell.

Knowing Santa would have taken care of their special wants, I had taken the easy way out and put money in cards for all the kids. Knew I had 'done good' when the first one to open the card shouted, "I got money!"

Looking forward to a wonderful year spending time with my family & friends and in the Garden.

Happy 2010 to all.

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