Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another year older....

Yesterday (June 29) was my 65th birthday. Attaining this age was not a sure thing, especially the past 3 years. (But then, none of us gets a guarantee.) The past year has been wonderful... new experiences, new friends, new abilities, old friends, family... full of serendipity and glee. I can't decide whether it was the last day of my old year or the first day of my new year (remember the foofaraw about the turn of the century?) but I am so looking forward to this new year. Great things (my year, my yardstick) are going to happen. I don't feel 65 years old... more like 40 or 45.

I've learned and experienced so many things during the past years... I've made a list... it doesn't include everything because I can't remember everything....

...I'm glad my children are raised and out on their own. Parenting has never been easy and seems to be getting harder every generation. My kids managed to overcome their genes and upbringing and turned into people of whom I am very proud to call mine.

... Children will tell it like they see it. It's important to realize that it is their perception, not necessarily the way it actually is. That's something we adults need to consider for ourselves... 'is it real or just our opinion?'

... Don't ya hate it when the i.d. photo on your renewed Driver's License makes you look like a hedgehog caught in the headlights... and everyone says what a good picture it is?

... Counting is very important when knitting. New obsessions can hit at any age and knitting has become mine. For a short time it even over-shadowed my reading obsession, but things have evened out... I'm knitting and reading now.

... Having a conversation with me has become more interactive. Between Chemo-brain and Senior Moments, I sometimes have a hard time getting out a complete sentence without hand gestures (Mime... encouraging others to supply the word I'm trying to say) and questions to identify the subject (who was the guy that... you know... the one who starred in that movie with the...). I was chatting with my daughter and her husband the other night when she quipped, "Hey! We're playing Charades!"

... My life is the best it's ever been. I'm learning to savor everything... not just what I'm doing but the atmosphere, colors, and surroundings, while I'm doing it. Chemicals have altered my taste buds but the flavor of food I eat seems richer (I catch myself 'yummming' a lot). I think I can feel the auras of my friends and, sometimes, those of people I meet during the day. Wow! Teach yourself to savor. It's wonderful.

... Just because you make a Strike your first time up doesn't mean you won't drop the ball on your foot the next time you get ready to roll. Just sayin'...

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