Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking forward to good eats in 2011

The Cooking Channel and Food Network have nothing on the chefs in my family. Virtually all my family members have mastered must-have dishes for our get-together meals. And I have advanced to status Master Eater. I have been thrilled to discover that even with my taste buds altered by medication, I can savor all of my families' delights... YUMM!

My oldest daughter often prepares Shrimp Fettuccine or Chef's Salad with Chicken when I visit. Almost forgot to mention her BLT Salad.
...her son has mastered Mini Burgers.
...just thinking about her husband's grilled or smoker eats makes me salivate. And he is bar-tending wizard.

My son operates a mean grill.
... his wife is a Master Cake Baker and Decorator. Give her a picture of anything and she can duplicate it in batter and icing.
... their girls are chefs-in-training

My youngest daughter delights with Venison Roast and Stew and Oven-BBQ Ribs.
...her youngest daughter makes a Chocolate Chess Pie to die for.
...her oldest daughter whips up From-Scratch Brownies that make all boxed brands taste like chocolate-flavored cardboard.
...her oldest son bakes Mexican Wedding Cookies.
...her youngest son makes a mean Lasagna.

My baby brother puts just the right char on hamburgers and hot dogs whenever the weather allows firing up his grill. (Hmmm... I'm sensing a theme here... males with grills). He also makes the best Boy Scout Stew (also called Hobo Packets).
...his wife has always had to prepare BBQ beans whenever we eat together, and her dressing is a must at Thanksgiving. (She graciously gave me her recipe but, good as it is, it must be prepared by her hand to taste the best.) This year she has added the best biscuits to her menu. Not to mention that we will require her Coconut Pound Cake at all holiday gatherings in the future.
...his sister-in-law makes Pumpkin Pie and Deviled Eggs that barely make it into the house before they disappear.

Serendipity has continued to be active in my life this year, bringing me chance meetings and connections to people about whose whereabouts and conditions I have been wondering... not to mention parking spaces in front of or near to the entrances of places I've gone for various reasons.

My 2011 New Year's Hopes list remains the same as for this year. One of these days, I will learn to para diddle.

My favorite nephew and his wife celebrated their wedding anniversary this past week. When they got married nineteen years ago, my niece-to-be asked me to provide the music for the wedding. I was so honored. I asked if she had anything special she would like me to play and she requested a song by an artist that I enjoyed too. I had already learned one of his piano solos and confidently practiced memorizing the one she had asked for. Did I mention that I still get stage-fright, even after 60 years(!) of performing in public? This may be a factor in her answer when I asked if she had enjoyed her song... she told me, "Yes," but that I had played the wrong one. If they decide to renew their vows sometime in the future, I'm not counting on being the musician of choice.

Happy New Year!

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