Thursday, May 10, 2012

Of weight and words

Loosing weight in unexpected places...
In recent weeks I've discovered several areas that I hadn't thought of as far as weight-loss was concerned. One day recently the weather was warm enough to wear a pair of sandals. I slipped on my favorite pair and found they were so loose that walking in them was a hazard. I refuse to give them up so now wear them with socks (not white ones).

I hadn't thought of having fat on my head, although I've lost my chubby cheeks and my neck waves in the breeze. Now every time I look in the mirror my ears seem to be getting bigger and sticking out further. I can move them up and down. If I could just learn to flap them I might not have to worry about the price of gas.

It was really time to get a new bra. I obviously needed a different size. It's been awhile since I went bra shopping and tried on several, trying to find one that didn't require stuffing with socks. I finally got one that fit... at a price that almost made me swallow my tongue. Trust me... these babies haven't been this high since I first grew them.

A book I can't handle...
I checked out Elizabeth George's new book, Believing the Lie. It's a long book, at least 2-1/2 inches thick and, to me, weighs more than a 5-pound bag of sugar. The library had added a clear plastic cover to the jacket, making it even harder for me to pick up. After dropping it several times while trying to pick it up, the last time just barely missing my foot, I decided I needed to return it... I didn't want to break its spine or my foot.

Sometimes there just aren't any words...
Back during one of our February spring days, I was in a group of cars waiting at a stop. My eyes finally settled on the van in front of me. I was behind a plumbing company van. Its bright white color un-smudged and un-dinged. The logo with company info was tastefully done in black ink and smart font. The light changed and as the van pulled away from me I was able to see their slogan, printed above the bumper: "We herd your turds so you don't have to."

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