Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eating a few feathers and taking a smidge of credit

I've been thinking about my last post (venting my snit over someone parking in 'my' space.) I've come to realize that I was exhibiting one of my least favorite attitudes in other people... entitlement. I went from stating that the spaces were not assigned to an 'how dare he!' mini-rant. In re-thinking my attitude, I realized that, since he and I both are 'people of a certain age,' he probably didn't feel like trekking over piles of snow and black ice that night anymore than I did... bad backs, hip problems, and aching knees will do that to a person. I've eaten a few crow feathers this past week. (I save the whole crow for my really bad behavior.)

Now that I've spit out the last bit of down, I'm going to pat myself on the back a little. (There goes the shoulder.) Through another bit of serendipity I recently reconnected with the parent of a couple of my high-school classmates. They were twins but I never had a problem telling them apart. It used to drive friends who had grown up with them crazy... " How do you do that?" Our Senior year, a girl I knew (a Sophomore, I think) admitted that she had a crush on one of them. She wanted to 'meet' him and I introduced them a few days later. They ended up getting married. I've often wondered since how that went. Yeah! They are still married. I can't take credit for the work they put into their marriage. (Why is putting another person ahead of ourselves so hard for us humans?) But I will take credit for the introduction. Sometimes, things are just right.

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