Monday, March 22, 2010

It's finally Spring!

I'm enjoying my first 'official' storm of Spring. Lightning and thunder... means there is warm air in the atmosphere. Yeah! I've been in my upper-floor apartment for just over 8 years, and the excitement of being up in the midst of the lightning hasn't yet waned.

My fingers have been busy with tissues for the last three weeks, trying to stem the output of a cold. It may have morphed into the usual reaction to Spring allergens in the air, but that's okay... (did I mention it's Spring?). After the Winter season we've had, the sniffles and swollen eyes almost seem to be benefits.

Easter is on the way in a couple of weeks. Another harbinger of the wonderful season that's come. I harbor no illusions... Winter has been known to sneak back in and smack us up side the head. That's okay... Spring will win out in the end.

Happy Spring!

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