Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kiss of the Mayfly

Kiss of the Mayfly... wouldn't that be a great title for a book or movie? Remember... you heard it here first.

Returned a few moments ago from taking Bailey for his first walk of the day. The temperature is 68 and the breeze is cool, almost bracing. Wonderful! Bailey is so energized that he started running circles around me and the dining table and back and forth between our rooms. Then he brought his tennis ball and insisted on a game of toss & fetch. I know how he feels... I'm almost tempted to dance on the table.

The coolness reminded me of something that happened a couple of weeks ago. The day was lovely; cool enough to drive with the car windows open instead of closed with the a/c trying to run. I was returning home from the 'Yarnery' (my daughter's name for the From the Heart workshop), my friend riding shotgun. While stopped at a red light, I looked down in time to see a Mayfly come in through the open window and alight on the back of my hand. He (she?) stayed a few seconds only but what a gift! Pure magic. AND I have a witness to back me up when I tell everyone about it.

Money couldn't have bought these moments of joy.

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