Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting into the zone

I'm finally getting the Spirit. I've always loved Christmas... it's brilliant colors, glow of lights and the wish to get everyone just the right gift... the one that will 'knock their socks off.'

The first thing that jingled my bell was what I expect is a gift from Santa, and it may be just the first of several I have been receiving each year. These are not of the 'unwrap and see what's in the box' variety. They are more subtle (i.e. getting a surprise call from someone special to me, etc.). The gift? A wonderful dream that had me waking up with a smile... not the least being that I can still remember it (the salient parts anyway). What was it about? Not gonna tell. And I'm still smiling.

Another jingle was when two of my granddaughters came over a couple of days ago to help me with some things I didn't feel up to doing myself. Didn't finish the whole To-Do List, but did get the main item completed. Then we went out to lunch. I've been wanting to go to the Jefferson Hotel to see the lovely decorations and tree. It was a special treat for me to take the girls there. They loved the decorations and got a kick out of spotting the alligators... a real boost to my holiday mood.

I've been concentrating on and anticipating my family 'Christmas' which is scheduled for January. We've gotten together after the real holiday for several years now. Means I don't have to be part of the pre-Christmas shopping rush unless I just want to indulge. I don't. The grand-kids love it... they get to have two Christmases. And we adults can take advantage of sales. (I hope there's one on country hams, my main contribution to our dinner.)

I am looking forward to Christmas Day because it falls on Sunday this year. There's just something so right about that for me. I'm planning on attending services that Eve and Day. Well... at least one or the other.

The Timex has finally stop ticking. Just before Thanksgiving I noticed that the second hand was no longer making its sweep around the face of the watch. All things come to an end. The death of that battery coming at the beginning of the celebration of new life for us all... another wonderful gift.

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