Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good just gets gooder

The family post-holiday holiday get-together was better than I had even anticipated. The ham was as even better than last year's... just enough fat and lots of meat, cooked to perfection. I discovered that only two of my grandchildren are still shorter than I am... hadn't realized that I'd shrunk that much... I'm beginning to feel like an elf. Got to see my oldest granddaughter's beautiful engagement ring, which she received on New Year's Eve in New York. Her fiance chose it himself. Good job! Also got to meet her future in-laws... wonderful people... warm and witty. I can see why their son is such a special young man. The girl cousins spent an hour or two checking out the wedding frou-frou available for view on a laptop. And of course, the kids enjoyed the gift swap (the adults enjoyed it too)... tho it was not really a swap as we had drawn names last year. It was cold but sunny... good winter weather.

For the December 25th Christmas, my son-in-law received a Kindle Fire and my daughter got a Nook. She was so busy that she didn't get a chance to demonstrate it for me. My son-in-law, however, was eager to show us all his new toy... very nice. I am content with my first-generation Kindle but he is convinced I have secret pangs of Kindle envy.

I've often said I'm 'a day late and a dollar short.' It has happened again. I've always loved to dance but never had many chances to indulge. (I've been embarrassed a few times getting caught in a store aisle moving to the music.) I also wanted to find an exercise program that I'd enjoy enough to stick with, but never could... even Tai Chi, my favorite, was not one I could make myself stick to on my own. Now that I'm too weak to indulge, they have finally come up with Zumba. I definitely would stick with that if I could. Oh, well... I'm still dancing in the aisles... even if only in my mind.

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