Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The annual summer gas-gouge has begun. And it's our own fault.

The Consumers did it. Or are not doing it, according to the media who tell us why gas prices are rising again. It's us, the Consumers, who are at fault. Consumer demand is down. The producers have had to cut production because we're not buying enough gas. We are just not doing our part. If we... those who are on fixed incomes, the thousands and thousands who have lost their jobs, those who are still employed... all of us who see prices rising on everything... would just pull out our cash and credit cards and spend, the economy as a whole would be just fine. We didn't spend enough at Christmas and we're not driving enough now. The producers have to raise prices. Am I the only one who wants to throw up when the oil companies boast about their profits? And they will. Again. At the end of this summer. And prices will go down until time to raise them again for the holiday seasons.

The mid-point between a hissy and a rant is justifiable anger. I'm there.

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