Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A strong thunderstorm came through late yesterday afternoon with lots of thunder, lighting, and a heavy downpour of rain. As I have a 7th-floor, corner apartment, I often felt as if I were in the midst of the lightning bolt. Very exhilarating when the flash and thunder seemed to be simultaneous. Lovely to experience and be safe at the same time.

When I was very small, there was a bit of family lore about lightning. Aunt Evie (my mother's sister) had been in the front parlor during a summer storm . She was sitting near an open window, reading. She had washed her hair and set it with metal crimping pins. The lightning struck in the yard close to the window. Didn't damage the house but it blew the pins out of Aunt Evie's hair. That explains a lot about Aunt Evie.

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