Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's time to celebrate Hallo-Thanx-Xmas!

The Fall and Winter holiday push has begun. Crafty people appreciate having access to holiday items so they can start making decorations and gifts, but it was jarring to walk in the door of a discount store last week and come face-to-face with skeletons. Turned my head and saw the wall covered with poinsettias and wreaths. They could save space and hang the wreaths and tree baubles on the skeletons. When I was growing up, Halloween decorations didn't appear until the end of September. The Christmas decorating and shopping push didn't start until the day after Thanksgiving. Retailers have gotten so far ahead of themselves that now it is almost impossible to buy something in the season it is needed. Walking into a department store after the 4th of July makes me sweat... the remaining summer clothing has been relegated to a few 'last chance' stands; winter coats and sweaters fill the racks. Any day now, the media will start broadcasting dire speculation on the lack of holiday spending. Wait for it, it's coming.

Saw a report of the TODAY show yesterday morning about the picture of a 'plus-size' model being featured in the September issue, albeit on page 194. The model is Lizzie Miller. She's a size 12 and absolutely beautiful. Not a bone is visible... no hollow cheeks, no arms with knobby shoulders, elbows and wrists. Oh, forgot to mention that it's a nude photo. I haven't 'wasted my money' on a glamor magazine in years (I glance through out-dated issues in waiting areas) but I'm going to purchase this one. Just to be able to show my beautiful granddaughters an example of how a well-formed female body can look. There is a Fruit-of-the-Loom ad running that shows several real-size models (I refuse to call them plus-size). They are all lovely women. I just mentioned female body image in my last post. There goes that serendipity again. You can insert your favorite eerie music here.

One of my Facebook friends mentioned Rocky Road ice cream in a recent post. I had my first taste of Rocky Road when I was 30-ish. My boss had treated his employees with a carton of the 'good' stuff. Having been raised on homemade, freezer-cranked ice cream, I was rather startled when I encountered a lump in a mouthful... I thought one of the rubber tips from the agitator had come off in the ice cream. It was a mini-marshmallow. Let's just say that my fellow employees enjoyed a good laugh and leave it at that. If the worst thing that happens to you today is finding a mystery lump in your ice cream, you've had a good day.

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