Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's been a quiet week in .... no, wait... that's someone else's line. Actually, I've been alternating between busy doings and playing hermit.

Lot's going on behind and beyond my door, including......

The death of Walter Cronkite. Not unexpected given his age but sad none the less. A wonderful example of how to conduct a life and career... with kindness, honesty, honor, integrity.

The anniversary of the moon landing. I had stayed glued to the TV, nervously watching the landing and the first steps on the surface. I awoke my baby daughter and tried to impress her with the momentous images on the screen. (A few years back, I asked her if she remembered. She didn't.)

Another elderly lady fought with a purse snatcher. It's not that saving one's possessions is paramount. It's the idea that a person thinks one should give them something just because they make a threatening demand. The reaction is spontaneous. The outcome is different each time.

Puff (a.k.a Squeak) had her spaying surgery yesterday. She's doing fine. Post-op instructions were to provide paper litter in her box and keep her quiet, no running or jumping. Yeah, right. She loves to play with paper. The only time she's not running or jumping is when she is in my lap. I do have other things to do, after all. I have a life. Sometimes.

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