Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little cat feet

I won't do a running commentary on all my new kitten's activities, but want to note a couple of things. I have changed her name from "Puff" to Squeak" as that is what she does. And I have to admit that I wish I had half the energy "Squeak" does. There is no ledge too narrow for her to walk on; no corner too small or dark to explore. If it moves, or makes a sound, it will be pounced upon. (Trying to make up the bed is a challenge.) She discovered the remote and turned on the TV at 3:05 this morning. Nothing is safe from her exploration. I admire her determination. I'm in a flurry of movement. trying to stow all things movable before she can get to them. I have no doubt as to which of us will win that race. Excuse me, I have to change the channel...

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