Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Kitten Chronicles (short version)

Decided to get a pet. Would love to have a dog, but know I'm too lazy to walk it... I don't walk myself when it's cold and rainy. Got a cat instead... a kitten actually, adopted from a family member. Said kitten, small and virtually weightless, was born at Easter. She was named Puffball because of a spot of fur in the middle of her forehead. I've renamed her "Squeak" as that's what she does... haven't heard a single meow. Just survived the second night with my new companion. It's like living with a newborn baby... lots of sleep, then demands for attention. No need to be fed during the night, but bouts of energy involving running, clawing and chewing.

Squeak's favorite toys are (1) me, (2) her official bed, which is soft, lightweight and easily moved... she likes to claw and chew on it... has yet to get in it, much less use it to sleep, (3) the bathtub, sans water of course, and (4) a paper bag. She appears to travel well in her carrier so road trips are in the future.

Whenever one acquires a new roommate, there is always a period of adjustment. Rules have to be established. So far, there are two... (1) the keyboard is off-limits when I'm online and (2) no walking on my face at 2:40 a.m.

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