Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still celebrating...

Have been celebrating my birthday for over a week now...
... A dear friend took me out to dinner last week
... I received birthday greetings through cards, Facebook and email.
... My youngest daughter and her children took me to hear the Gourd Orchestra at a county library. The performers grow their own gourds. Then they make beautiful musical instruments out of them and play them. They also wear them. What fun! Check out their website at

I'm going to continue celebrating this weekend. My family has promised that my son-in-law will barbecue something for me. I can hardly wait. He is a BBQ gourmet. He could grill cardboard and it would taste yummmmy!

We'll be celebrating our country's independence, too. For me, the Fourth of July just isn't complete without a parade, patriotic music, fireworks, and a picnic with family and friends. I hope to hear and sing along with The Stars and Stripes Forever (I always have to march in place to this), God Bless America, and The Star Spangled Banner. And I'm Proud to be an American-God Bless the USA.

God bless our men and women serving in the armed forces (past and present).

God bless America.

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